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Presenting Ubuntu Pledge, embark on a new journey. We teach you the fundamental skills to be prepared for tomorrow.

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About Ubuntu Pledge

We aim to support less privileged communities to leveraging technology, developing essential life skills and improving personal wellbeing. Each day, we work collaboratively with our partners to reduce the skills gap to enhance the lives of our learners.

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Our courses are designed to help you learn & enhance life skills with specially crafted programs.

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Basic Computing

This basic computing course is an introduction to all the main areas of computing to build up your skills and prepare you for the new age.


Emotional Wellbeing

This course aims to help you to have some techniques to better improve your own mental health and well-being and support you in developing a better life balance.


Employability Skills

The course is aimed at anyone who wants to live a more independent life, progress in career and/or their employment prospects; get into a job.


Choose Your Path

Facilitate continuous growth and development.

One to One

One-To-One tutoring sessions that offer a nurturing environment to increase confidence and accelerate growth with a personal tutor .

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Group Sessions

Organise workshops for groups focusing on our core development programme essential for growth with soft skills to help excel in the work environment.

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Organise free interactive, seminars, webinars and workshops for individuals who are 18 -25 years and parents to be better equipped to excel in the fast paced digital age.

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Ubuntu Pledge helped me to learn about myself and manage my life and work better.

“The courses help people that aren't as confident in life to be able to prepare for the world of work. I learnt how to develop many skills in different ways and everything I need to secure my current job.”

Service Designer
Our Courses

Why Us?

Ubuntu Pledge is a life-skills training provider.

Our Courses

Developing your personal brand

Fundamental life-skills training for individuals.

Boosting your career opportunities

Targeted employability training for early-in-career talent.

Improving your digital Skills

Closing the digital divide by leveraging technology for the underserved community.

Increasing mindfulness in your life

Focus on enhancing your social and emotional wellbeing.

Enhance your life
with tailored courses.

Our courses offer you the opportunity to make changes in your life by increasing your knowledge and develop in-demand skills.

Our Courses