Stimulate learning to change lives.

We aim to support less privileged backgrounds who often miss out on learning the so-called soft skills required for life. Our programmes are aimed to transform lives and help people achieve their potential.

About us

About Us

Effective life-skills training enables growth and economic progress.

Ubuntu Pledge was born from the vision that the most effective way to transform communities in a generation is to equip members with opportunities and the tools for change and empower them to excel.

We are committed to continual improvement through collaboration and innovation as we propel our learners to lives of achievement, meaning and fulfilment.

Our Core Value

1. Recognise Excellence

Recognising and praising people’s smart ways of thinking and learning, sharing good values and habits that help others excel.

2. Help You Grow

Helping you develop learning skills and personal qualities. Facilitate critical thinking and encourage your intellectual growth.

3. Make Training Accessible

Providing you free training in an inclusive environment within a culture of support and high expectations.

A Set Up For Success

At Ubuntu Pledge we recognise that everyone is unique and tailor our courses to suit individual learning styles. The courses are divided into three key areas Essential, Fundamental and Vital to aid with personal development including communication, management and effective decision making.


Mental, physical and emotional wellbeing is the most essential development one must work on to maintain an effective and fulfilling life. These life skills courses bring the very best in personal development to your future in a way that delivers lasting change to your everyday life.


Soft skills are fundamental in life and at work. Soft skills are the more intangible and non-technical abilities that are sometimes referred to as transferable skills or professional skills. We have put together a set of courses that add a positive effect on your work journey.


We know that COVID-19 has and will continue to transform the future of work as we know it, and at a pace we never expected. Having the vital digital Skills required for this fast paced digital age is very important. We have put together courses that will help you develop a growth mindset.

Enhance your life
with tailored courses.

Our courses offer you the opportunity to make changes in your life by increasing your knowledge and develop in-demand skills.

Our Courses

Meet Our Team

Anyone can claim to be a tutor but it takes years of experience to really know how to pass on life's skill for the digital age.

Henry Otim


Love learning and passing this love of learning on to my pupils is inspiring. I am an experienced content creator and marketing expert.

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Sophie Moore


Handles funding, accounts and banking. She approaches all aspects of any job with a positive, hard-working mindset, and is passionate about helping find solutions to any challenges.

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Simone Akachi

Community Manager

An enthusiastic and experienced Community Manager who loves to engage with people and deliver on strategy, engagement, and growth.

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