Filling The Gap

Ubuntu Pledge, commissioned by Kulan Somali Organization, successfully conducted a 6-week digital skills training program in Westminster. The program was designed to equip participants with essential skills to navigate the digital world confidently and competently.


Many community members lacked basic digital skills, making it difficult for them to participate fully in modern society. The need for foundational training in device usage, communication, online safety, and basic office applications was critical.


The primary objective of the project was to equip participants with essential digital skills to enhance their personal and professional lives. The training aimed to bridge the digital divide, ensuring participants could confidently use modern technology for communication, work, and personal finance management.

Training Modules

  1. Device Usage: Basics of operating a computer, understanding different operating systems, and troubleshooting common issues.
  2. Email: Setting up email accounts, composing and sending emails, and email etiquette.
  3. Online Safety: Recognizing phishing scams, setting strong passwords, and understanding privacy settings.
  4. Microsoft Word: Writing letters, formatting documents, and using templates.
  5. Microsoft Excel: Managing personal finances, creating budgets, and understanding basic formulas.
  6. Microsoft PowerPoint: Creating presentations, using design templates, and incorporating multimedia elements.


  • Interactive Sessions: Each module included hands-on activities to ensure practical understanding.
  • Workshops: Weekly workshops provided deeper insights and personalized assistance.

Case studies

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Ubuntu Pledge, commissioned by NHS North West London, led a three-month project to enhance digital inclusion by training community organisations in RBKC, Brent, and Westminster on using the NHS app. The initiative aimed to empower community members to effectively access and utilize NHS digital services.

The Bridging the Gap Project, commissioned by Eristaruk and Kulan Somali Organization with Greenfield project funding, aimed to enhance relationships and understanding between parents and children in the digital age. Delivered by Ubuntu Pledge, it focused on essential digital skills training and life management coaching.

‍Sistersize is a bra fitting company that specialises in selling specifically fitted bras. The business is run by Charlene, operating from one of the pods at Portobello, rented from the Westway Trust. The Trust commissioned us to support Sistersize with the objective of developing a growth business plan.

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