Collabor8 for Digital Skills Training & Wellbeing

May 3, 2023

Bridging the Digital Divide & Promoting Well-being

The collaborative digital skills training program organised by Ubuntu Pledge, AF Legacies, and Eristars UK on the 7th May, 2022, made a significant impact on privileged Eritrean individuals and families residing in North Kensington & Chelsea. By providing free mentoring and digital skills training in Tigrigna and English, participants not only gained confidence and competence in navigating the digital world but also discovered the transformative power of artistic expression in promoting overall well-being.

Continued Commitment

The team were committed to providing equal opportunities and dismantling barriers to digital literacy and holistic well-being. By addressing language barriers and fostering a sense of community, they created an inclusive learning environment that nurtured personal growth and self-expression.

Inspiring Transformation

Participants experienced transformative journeys as they acquired digital skills and engaged in creative art forms. Ubuntu Pledge, AF Legacies, and Eristars UK played pivotal roles in empowering individuals to thrive, fostering self-confidence, and enhancing overall well-being.

The training was a life-changing experience for me. Through their inclusive approach, I gained essential digital skills and discovered the power of artistic expression. It transformed my confidence and well-being, opening doors to new opportunities." Malik, a student who recently arrived in the Uk from Eritrean.
Expanding Reach and Impact

With 20 participants benefiting from the program, Ubuntu Pledge, AF Legacies, and Eristars UK aimed to extend their reach and create a ripple effect of positive change. They explored collaborations with other community organisations and stakeholders to make a greater impact in Kensington & Chelsea.

The collaborative program between Ubuntu Pledge, AF Legacies, and Eristars UK showcases the importance of bridging the digital divide and promoting holistic well-being. By supporting and spreading awareness about such initiatives, we can build a more inclusive society where individuals have the opportunity to thrive and succeed.

Making a Lasting Difference

Together, we can make a lasting difference, embracing diversity and cultural inclusivity in our digital skills training and well-being efforts.

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