Essential Digital Skills

This course equips participants with essential digital skills required in today's world. Participants will learn about basic digital tools, online communication, and maintaining digital security.

Multiple Resources
Group Sessions

Course Description

Welcome to our Essential Digital Skills program, a comprehensive guide designed for parents seeking proficiency in utilising digital tools across key areas: Using devices & handling information, Creating and editing, Communicating, Transacting, and Being safe and responsible online. In this course, we empower parents to navigate the digital landscape with confidence and responsibility.

This is transformative journey towards Essential Digital Skills, where we equip parents with the knowledge and capabilities needed to thrive in the digital age while fostering a safe and responsible online environment for their families.

Course Features

Week 1: Introduction to Digital Literacy

  • Understanding digital literacy
  • Basic computer skills

Week 2: Online Communication Tools

  • Using email and messaging apps
  • Video conferencing basics

Week 3: Internet Navigation and Online Resources

  • Effective web browsing
  • Utilizing online resources for learning and productivity

Week 4: Social Media and Digital Etiquette

  • Overview of social media platforms
  • Best practices for online communication

Week 5: Digital Security and Privacy

  • Protecting personal information
  • Recognizing and avoiding online threats

Course Benefits

  • Improved digital literacy and confidence
  • Enhanced communication skills using digital tools
  • Better understanding of online resources and their use
  • Increased awareness of digital security and privacy