Physical Wellbeing

These training sessions will help you learn how physical activity can be used to impact a range of health outcomes in various settings.

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Group Sessions

Diet, exercise, and sleep are three pillars of a healthy life. While improving just one of these lifestyle factors can help people lead longer lives. Several recent studies have suggested that improving all three may be a better way to improve both physical and mental.

A majority of people fall short of meeting the recommendations for physical activity, nutrition, and sleep. Sleep, Eat & Exercise gives you permission to spend some time taking care of your body, encourages you to set personally relevant and reasonable behavioural goals, and helps you understand how doing so supports your physical health, mental health and overall wellbeing.

What you will learn

After taking the course:

  • Encouraged to be critical consumers and to view health from a holistic perspective that promotes overall wellbeing.
  • Understanding internal and external factors affecting health, with emphasis on lifestyle choices
  • Encouraging healthy body image and self-compassion

Activities involved


  • Defining the six dimensions of wellbeing
  • Identifying credible sources of health information
  • Using fitness tools that track your exercise, meals, sleep, and more.

Running Dates

Virtual Live Rooms

  • 13th May 2021
  • 6th October 2021


"I feel so much better prepared for my interview, thank you!”

Sophie Moore

"This helps people that aren't as confident in life to be able to prepare for the world of work"

Alex Carter

"I learnt a lot from it, the teachers were fun and made it easy to understand"

John Doe